Monday, April 19, 2010

How Do You Pronounce, "Nicolas Sarkozy?"

Here's a good link from the Resource Shelf, one of my favorite Web sources. The Voice of America (VOA) Pronunciation Guide is a nifty way to hear the real way to say the names of international persons and places in the news.

I tried Nicolas Sarkozy, just to check my high school French. Boy was I off! OK, I'm using the American tv news announcer pronunciation, but still.... I left the "s" on Nicolas - WRONG - and put the accent on the ''koz" in Sarkozy - DOUBLE WRONG.

Try it yourself. Check the Short List link at the bottom of the screen for recent names in the news. Make yourself sound brilliant!


  1. The BBC pronounces it sar-KOZE-ee so I'm sticking with that version. They also leave the "s" on Nicolas which I now question. I'm going to go ask a Parisian.

  2. VOA's Methodology at says that they try to pronounce a name like the person would say their own name. I guess I would like that if it were me (I mean, "I"?) --Maj. Reader


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