Friday, November 6, 2009

H1N1 Inches Closer

Last week I finally got a seasonal flu shot, but I've decided to forgo the H1N1 shot since I'm not in a high-risk category. But I found out on Tuesday that the young husband of one of my co-workers came home with H1N1. His wife has moved in with her parents and stops off at home once a day to leave food and check on him. She says he started with a "terrific" headache and then a high fever. Today he is cleaning things with Lysol and talking about going back to work.

I used to think that we public librarians were almost immune to communicable diseases - like teachers and young moms who get exposed to everything. But in library newsletters this week, there was the ominous news that a "healthy" manager of an Omaha public library died of this flu. There's nothing like taking a library card from a person who is hacking and sniffling at the reference desk. We now keep hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes right on the desk, but I doubt they do any good against airborne viruses. I may decide to wear a mask!


  1. I don't trust the AARP as far as i could throw it (them). They're nowt but a bunch of insurance peddlers. My pill prices TRIPLED after they encouraged the gummint to push the first drug benefit through.

  2. It is just like regular flu - the extra risk is that the potential for the current strain to mutate into a really nasty (think post WW1 Spanish Lady) version is there. I had flu last Sept and it put me in bed for THREE DAYS - it takes some doing to get me to stay in bed for that long. I even missed some work. I felt rubbish and could easily understand how someone whose health is already compromised by advanced age or other condition could die.

  3. Hunh.. The other significant here says that he used to buy meds from Canada until the new Medicare program made it cheaper to buy them in the U.S. - like Singulair. Your mileage may vary? --Maj. Reader

  4. like the other signifiant, i've at least nosed around for drug prices offshore, but this last purchase, the prices at CVS were back to pre-Bush 2. go figure. i've weaned myself off the hard presciption stuff as much as I can, taking appropriate vitamins and minerals instead. all except for Plavix, since "they" tell us stent recipients tend to drop dead if they stop taking it. OK OK OK, i'm taking it!!! but I've tried to drink lots more celery juice in hopes of being able to kiss the high BP meds goodbye. i just need to lay off the fermented grain bevs....


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