Sunday, November 1, 2009

Author Treats from the New York Public Library

I've heard that New York City has a wonderful library, so I guess their online version can't help but be good, too. I just found their link to Live from the NYPL with audio and/or video versions of important "conversations" - including one with Margaret Atwood, the author of a book I just started and am relishing! She spoke with another well-known author and historian, Thomas Cahill, there in December 2006.

Upcoming this week is a conversation with Barbara Kingsolver, another of my favorites. And past programs include ones with Queen Noor, Spike Lee, Salman Rushdie, Jeffrey Eugenides, and on and on!

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  1. guess i lost the comment i was preparing on this post. i could not FIND margaret atwood, whose every story i've read and loved. i did watch the program with oliver sacks, though, and the intros dragged on and reminded me of my favorite priest in high school--father durkin. he was supposed to speak to the Knights of Columbus one night, and the introduction was quite long. Always a joker, Father Durkin went to the podium, looked at his watch, and said, "I see my time is up." And died. Just like that. He'd always had a bad heart from having rheumatic fever when he was a kid. It was his last, best joke.


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