Monday, January 19, 2009

Horror Fiction - neh

So I read the Clive Barker book, Cabal, but I now know that I just don't get horror - at least, the Barker kind. Some additional short stories that followed the novel didn't change my mind either. In the end, I guess I don't thrill to devils, gross aliens, grisly sex/violence, etc. Apparently, Cabal was made into a forgettable movie, Nightbreed, in 1990.

I wonder if horror fiction tries to satisfy readers who want extreme levels of fear and loathing. I know teen readers often find horror fiction fascinating. They love risky business? Anyway, on to something else.


  1. I don't enjoy horror in books or movies either. Why do people choose to read/see it as recreation? What do you think of the idea that it's a proxy for someone who doesn't fully acknowledge the real horrors in life? - H

  2. Or, a proxy for people who don't "feel" the horrors of real life?

  3. I kinda like some of Stephen King's books, but I don't bother with horror movies. Your mother, dear niece, hit the nail on the head when she said the scariest programs of all used to be ON THE RADIO, where your own imagination supplied the horror. T.O.A. (The Old Aunt)


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