Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cubs Lose Again - Life Goes On

Once again, the Cubbies have remained true to their tradition of leaving fans crying in their beer steins (or vats). #1 son won a lottery for an opportunity to buy playoff tickets and by the time he got the money together, was able to buy only 1 ticket for the Tuesday game. He could have sold it for a nice profit, but no, he had to use it himself to be fully immersed in the tragedy.

My husband grew up not far from Wrigley Field - one of the few remaining outdoor stadiums (stadia?) left in major league baseball, I think. Back in the day, he would gather with other penniless youngsters on Waveland Avenue hoping for a homerun ball to clear the fence. Catch the ball and you got in to see the rest of the game for free.

Since we are "northsiders," our entire family is part of Cubs fandom. One son-in-law, who was a left-handed pitcher for the U. of Illinois baseball team, had a condo a few years ago within a few blocks of Wrigley. It was always fun to visit there when the team was playing - you could hear the cheers for base hits from their front window.

In a perverse way, I'm sort of glad the Cubs failed again. We wouldn't know how to be true fans if our team really earned the championship. Back to loving the losers.


  1. The mark of a true Cubs fan is that there is an almost illogical hope that next year will be better.

    I feel your pain.

  2. who knew? in iowa, i used to work with a cubs fan....he came up with all kinds of funny words for his ilk, but the only one i remember is "cublinator." he probably still works there...i should write and convey my i do to you, too. snif.


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