Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Learn Something

Saw this post in a library professionals newsletter, and since I now have reached the era of "senior moments," I was really interested in it. I remember back in the bad old days that I never believed in studying regularly - I was always cramming at the last minute. In some ways that worked well for me, but this article shows how I could have done better - but not by starting earlier and being more consistent about it.

If the best way to learn something is to repeat the process of remembering it at a point (not too long after you first learned it) where you really have to dig around in your memory for it, here will be the acid test for me: remembering a new password. I usually use the same old one and never change it - a mortal sin on the Web, apparently. I'm going to change my Google password right now - and not write it down! Stay tuned.


  1. I've heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. I've also heard that when you need to remember a fact, repeat it to yourself 7 times. Good luck with the password!!!

  2. You have so NOT reached the era of "senior moments," Mom!

  3. ha...i am gonna get a small notebook to tuck in my left rear pocket that contains such things as passwords for everything, names and cell phone #s of wonderful grandchildren and their girlfriends (i have but two granddaughters, and only one is out of primary school), the names of my lawyers and their phone #s, my SSN password (god help me, but this is a biggie!!!), the names, phone #s and addresses of all my children...anything else? ver vaist??

  4. EE: I have managed to remember my new password without a hitch for almost a month. The method works! Maj. Reader


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