Monday, October 4, 2010

Metal Music

In our latest venture for the Saints, the volunteer theatre usher organization in this city, we signed up for a nightclub-like venue in Rogers Park for a Sunday morning live broadcast on the classical music radio station. The artist in recital was Rachel Barton Pine, a wonderful classical violinist. You might have heard of her due to a terrible accident at the beginning of her professional career.

Her program that Sunday was a varied mix of 9 pieces all written over the years just for her, including one by Albeniz that she arranged for herself. Surprising to me was that the ones I liked best were heavy metal compositions, Thrash by Philip Pan and Theme and Variations by Edgar Gabriel. This last used all kinds of metal music for the variations: glam metal, death metal, etc. All new to me, but I'm learning!


  1. as i live and breathe....whoaaaaa!! heavy metal on major reader????? good. i can learn this, too. cuz i have zero idea what it's all about.

  2. Yeah, if you go to her website (Google it), you can probably find a link to listen to some of her stuff with her metal band, Earthen Grave. Maj. Reader

  3. i already did that. can't say i liked it especially. maybe i didn't hear it well enough. but maybe i was still shocked by the account of her accident on metra.


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