Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mary McGowan, 1900-2010

My mother-in-law, Mary McGowan, died on Sept. 2 at age 110. I only knew her for her last 40 years and missed some important parts of her life. When we sat down to look through her albums to show photos at her wake, we found some marvelous ones. The picture below shows Mary on her North Dakota homestead farm with her next younger sister, Anna - sometime around 1918?

This is Mary in 1921 before she bobbed her very long hair.

Mary as a flapper.

Our young North Dakota cousin, Greta, tells us that people have been taking pictures at the Bismarck State Capitol building like the one below for decades - she says she did it, too.

It was wonderful to see these pictures of a fun-loving young woman, full of life. Mary, rest in love and peace.


  1. She was a terrific woman! I am sorry for your loss. You, Dan and the rest of the family are in my thoughts and prayers. I love those photos! I wonder if our childhood photos will look as odd to our grandchildren some day (naturally I am assuming that I will have grandchildren at some point . . . .)

  2. How wonderful to see these photos! Both Mary and her sister were so lovely!! It's not often that you see family pictures from that era with the people actually having fun! Is the last photo of Mary or Greta?

    Did you have a photo like this taken at the state capitol in Bismarck? (Hmph. Me, neither--but maybe they'd done away with the cannon by then.)

    What a woman!


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