Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ushering at Symphony Center

Last night we had our first chance to usher at Symphony Center. The concert was not part of the CSO's regular series, but it was for some jazz performers I had never heard of (the better to practice on). The first group was Eliane Elias, a bossa nova jazz singer/pianist and her backup guys - all from Brazil. She did a version of "Tangerine," a song my mother taught me to sing way back when, that I really liked. There was a nice crowd of all types and ages of people that came to hear them.

At intermission, we resumed our posts as statues at the bottom of one set of stairs to the balconies. When we realized we would never make the 10:35 train back home, we decided to leave right after intermission to make the 9:45, but we had to really walk FAST. We made it with one minute to spare and were home by 10:30. A good first assignment. Now we can feel ok about doing a real CSO concert!

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  1. a new donna leon!!! goody! i'll hotfoot it into DC in the ayem to get a copy. except....oh, noooo!!!...the DC libraries are no longer open on Sundays. boo hoo!!!
    i don't like to buy hardcover books for popular novels, so it'll be a wait. dang! guess i shall have to turn myself in as a volunteer....


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