Monday, February 22, 2010


The crown prince works with a guy whose wife is the director of a Russian folk choir somehow connected to the University of Chicago down on the south side of the city (we live on the northern border). So now he is singing with the choir, Golosa, in Russian!

Whenever I heard him singing around the house, he always made his voice as low as possible, so I had to laugh when I heard that he was assigned to the tenor section.

NPR's Worldview program last Wednesday had a section on Golosa and we got to hear them sing. What a shock! They don't sound at all the way I'm used to hearing Russian choral music on the radio. Golusa's cultural background is from a group that was exiled to Siberia and there is a wailing, shouting element to their music. The director said that they have opened for rock bands at venues in Chicago and rock fans really like them! Download the program and see what you think. We'll be able to see and hear them in person in April when Golosa is part of an ethnomusical conference at DePaul. Can't wait to see their costumes!

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