Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peas - Too Much Work

Yesterday I finally got the last plump pea pods from my garden. Time to rip out the plants.

I had been saving the pods until I got all of them or had enough to make a decent side dish for dinner - whichever came first.

Here are the measly results: about a cup and a half of various sizes of peas. That means you have to cook them in stages. The biggest ones cook first, then you add the mediums, then the teeny ones.

Next, the pods go into the food processor for compost material.

I like this picture with the steam rising from the just cooked peas! They're very good when you eat them, but IMHO it's very hard to tell them from frozen peas from the supermarket. This may be my last year for them. I could grow more plants next year, but they would use up too much garden space and only give me one crop. Off with their heads.


  1. I feel the same way about peas this summer. You'd have to have so much land to grow enough for regular use. I had 2 plants and they only made enough peas to mix into Mia's mac & cheese twice. I have high hopes for the apple trees to be the high producers in my small spaces.


  2. I had pea trouble as well. My pea trouble was MICE. I had to re-sow the peas twice. I made a decision not to sow a third time and there are gaps in the rows. I LOVE fresh garden peas. I may have an all pea garden next year!

    Don't give up on peas. It is important to keep these gardening skills alive!


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