Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Google Squared - I like it!

Have you seen the latest from Google? I just tried out Google Squared to get a handy list of vegetarian restaurants in Chicago - easy to read and compare addresses, features, etc. There's a handy Help Screen to explain it all. This might be useful for lots of stuff. Let's see.......


  1. In discussing this year's NYC Pride Parade with some family and friends, I had occasion to need some information on "Wigstock." I googled it and got a bunch of good, informative entries about this 80s phenomenon in the Village in NYC. Thus, I typed "Wigstock" in Google Squared but was mightily disappointed in what came up (odd quotes from various participants--no history, etc.) Google Squared is still VERY confusing to me, and I can find better answers on plain old google and places like, etc.

  2. Yeah, it's really only good for *comparing* things like restaurants, gas stations, libraries, etc., with a certain criteria like location or other descriptor. Maybe you'll come up with another reason to try it again.

  3. ok, i get it....i'll try recipes for that tomato season is upon us


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