Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strawberries and Rhubarb - Oh, My!

A lovely sunny, but cool, spring day here - just perfect for planting my newly-arrived strawberry and rhubarb plants. Our yard has about a 3 inch layer of top soil here over a thick tough layer of old lakebed clay. Not what strawberry and rhubarb plants love. So my dear husband has dug holes into the clay to layer peat, cow manure, and topsoil for the new plants. Here they are lolling around in their new digs - get it?

The plants are part of a wonderful gift from someone who knows I love to garden. We are also both North Dakotans, originally, so we both know and love homegrown rhubarb sauce.

I was going to put some of the Chickity-doo that I bought at the local garden center on the new plants, but I figured it might be too much for them. In case you haven't heard of it before, Chickity-doo is an all organic animal manure fertilizer from - yes, chickens. It does smell terrible, however. Much worse than treated cow manure. I was told that we will NOT keep the bag in the garage - it has to go to the back storage shed. Wait until I try it for lawn care - ha ha! We might get voted off the neighborhood.

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  1. i can remember the smell of manure on the lawns in fargo in springtime. peeeyoooo!! i think your neighbors WOULD vote you off the island if you put chicken poop on your lawn. phew!


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