Friday, February 20, 2009

Lackluster Veteran??

Today I took a survey on my use of new Internet technology and found out I'm classified as a "Lackluster Veteran" - part of the group of older faithful Internet users who find themselves overwhelmed with new forms of communication and not so willing to try them all out. What a creepy label!

Try it yourself at the Pew Internet Project's Internet Typology Test and tell me what they call you!


  1. I'm a connector, which makes me part of 7% of the technology using population. sometimes I think they use less flattering terms (such as lackluster veteran) to shame people into believing that they need all the garbage they're trying to promote. We don't.

  2. Yeah, I'm guessing that anyone who uses social networking sites (I don't) is further up the food chain. The more I read about them, the less I'm inclined to join one.

  3. i should blush as i type this, but I'm an omnivore, which puts me among 8% of the population. i LIKE it. i think i got so involved in communication/computer technology because i am deaf.


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