Thursday, August 7, 2008

The First Tomato of Summer

Tonight we ate the first tomato from our garden - with basil, salt and pepper, and a little olive oil. Perfect!

The garden is really crazy now - I picked a half dozen beets yesterday, some as big as softballs. The green beans and cucumbers have to be checked daily lest monsters grow under the leaves. The cilantro went to seed weeks ago, but I'm keeping the basil in check - barely - by pinching off the seed heads as fast as they can make them. Kale and swiss chard are green (and red) and glossy. Since I got smart and only planted one short row of each, we only have to eat them once a week so far. The 5 tomato plants are ready to start full production - bruschetta parties are planned.

And little peppers are growing at last on just 3 plants. This is my first attempt at those, so whatever we get will be a bonus.

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  1. I have two tomato plants with the tomatoes JUST starting to ripen. I have two pepper plants too (Anaheim) with no sign of decent fruit yet and that's it. The chickens destroyed things early on after planting and I never got the enthusiasm to replant.


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