Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cousin Matt in the Olympics

It's been really interesting looking up info on Matt Schnobrich, who will be in the 8-man rowing final for the USA on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008. I just saw that he has his own Wikipedia article! And one of the resources listed for the article was a link to his own blog from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN, where he earned his undergrad degree. The blog has some posts that he didn't write himself, but were put in just to keep everyone up to date on his Olympic adventures. Other posts he wrote from China and, I must say, he is a very thoughtful person and excellent writer!

I'm sure I must have seen Matt at family gatherings in the distant past when he was a kid, but he probably doesn't even know who I am - ha ha! Luckily, one of his grandpas is my uncle and godfather, who is now in China to watch the rowing events. I intend to hear all about it on his return!


  1. I KNOW!! We're so proud of Matt!! Did Ellen and Dana and Uncle Bob make it over there to cheer the boy on?

  2. Somewhere I read that 14 members of his family were there to cheer Matt on, and I know that Uncle Bob said that Ellen was making all the arrangements for them to rent a house near the rowing venue for everyone to stay together. What stories they'll have!


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