Monday, May 5, 2008

Jesse White: IL Secretary of State/State Librarian - and Tumbler!

About 10 years ago at a high school fundraiser, I bid on and won a free lunch for 2 with Jesse White, the Illinois Sec'y of State and State Librarian (see 4/24/08 post). Many people know him for founding the Jesse White Tumblers, the group of kid/teen gymnasts who perform at sports event halftimes, state fairs, etc. See a YouTube clip of Jesse White doing his thing with the Tumblers here. He's the one driving the bus. The man is over 70 and truly amazing!

My library director and I (I invited her for brownie points at work) had a nice lunch with him at an upscale restaurant, but it was a very political affair. He was gladhanding lots of people at other tables and then showered us with pins, cards, bumper stickers and other promotional giveaways. A Chicago pol at work!


  1. They do great shows. I didn't realize that's the same Jesse White as the Secretary of State! What a great guy.


  2. Actually, I shouldn't have said this was a "free" lunch - I bid fifty bucks for the "privilege."
    Maj. Reader


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