Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinner in Cougar Country

Last week the family gathered for dinner at Piazza Bella, a little Italian restaurant in Roscoe Village. Somebody said that it was only 1/2 block from the place where the wild cougar was shot and killed by police last month. So, after dinner, we were taken on a trip through the neighborhood to see where this happened.

Houses in this area have only the legal minimum of 5 feet between them and the area is very busy with adults, kids, and pets around and about. It's amazing to think that a very large wild carnivore was on the loose here - and even more amazing that police would be able to corner it and shoot in such a crowded alleyway. Sad outcome.

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  1. Interesting link you have to that article. I can't believe it came from SD! Even to travel from Milton WI to Chicago is amazing. I did feel quite sad when I saw the picture of the cougar lying there. It would have been nice to catch and release it someplace, but the odds were definitely against that happening, given the location. - H


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