Friday, February 22, 2008

Sold on Yaktrax!

Today I tried out my new Yaktrax Walker snow and ice grippers. Why didn't I get these before?? For the last week, my commute to the train stations has been treacherous - the snow is glazed hard with a layer of ice - some of it melted on the streets and sidewalks into an ice sheet, etc. I had to walk in the streets to avoid the worst parts where people didn't shovel and it added so much to my commute time avoiding street traffic. Amazon is sold out of the black ones, so I ordered from They arrived in 5 days and I wore them home from work - what a difference!

These are so cool - you stretch them on over your shoe or boot soles, walk wherever you want (except inside on ceramic tile floors), take them off in a jiffy, stick them in their handy little nylon envelope and stuff them in your jacket pocket. No, I am not getting paid for this, but hats off to the person who invented these! I am a total convert.


  1. hey, great! we have nothing to use them on, but that's a great product, anyway. if i ever get near the tundra again, i'll for sure get some.

  2. That seems like SUCH a good idea. I've been slipping on ice since I was old enough to go outside during the winter only now, I don't bounce back or heal nearly as quickly as I used to.


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