Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 17, 2008 - 108 years old!!

Today is the 108th birthday of my mother-in-law, Mary. The picture shows a sample of the four generations she begins: Mary (1), Dan (2), Helen (3), Mia (4). On Thursday, there was a Valentine/birthday party for everyone at her residence, complete with musicians and refreshments. The musicians were prepared to play, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", etc., and were thrown for a loop when told that she is not Irish, but 100% Slovak! She had a great time and had an increasingly rare, but welcome, good day from morning to night.

Our family party was this afternoon, with all four grandchildren, spouses, and 3 great-grandkiddies, plus a North Dakota cousin, and 2 priests from our parish, where she is the oldest parishioner in their history. She may be the oldest person in Chicago but we don't know how to find out.

Today I was telling her about all the family who were expected for the party, naming everyone, and concluding by saying that her family is growing. She replied, "So are cabbages." Is she a smart-aleck, or what? She is definitely an amazing woman, tested by adversity over many decades and made of very strong stuff. Here's to next year!


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!

    Everybody looks great in the photo as well! I can't believe how fast Mia is growing!

    I recommend calling "The Trib". They'll know if she's the oldest person in Chicago.

  2. Hi Mom - Nice write-up of Grandma's birthday!

    Have you found a way people can be notified if you add a new post? - Sarah

  3. if you can figure out how to subscribe to an RSS feed and have it troll this blog, you can do it that way. Let me know if you find out - I still don't know how to get that set up myself!


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