Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Have you ever noticed the differences in the hands of people in your family - particularly those of the same gender? Here is my left hand at age 67. The little finger is already bent at the top knuckle, and you can see a faint redness around the top knuckles of all but my ring finger - the first signs of arthritis. I also notice minor stiffness in the joints of my index fingers on both hands. When I mentioned this to my mother last weekend, she said I can thank her mother for this. She's got it, too. Apparently, all my years of playing piano have not kept my fingers in great shape. On the other hand (yuk, yuk), maybe I would be in worse shape if I hadn't played so much.

The bigger difference that I've seen since I was a teenager who wanted beautiful hands, is that many of my fingernails are slightly splayed. My sisters show this same feature more or less. Long, oval nails with straight sides will never be mine. Now that fingernail polish in crazy shades with wild patterns is all the rage at the high school where I spend my time, good nails are a must. Luckily for me, no one thought much about that when I was in school.


  1. Still looking pretty good though. - H

  2. I think your hands are beautiful


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