Monday, April 29, 2013

Chicago Garbage Trucks vs. Flooded Basements

 So here is the mighty garbage truck in Chicago. Today I went for a walk in my neighborhood and saw that a few people just got around to cleaning out their basement from the flooding last week and stacked the ruined items on the curb for pickup today. Carpets, furniture, black bags (heavy with damp stuff) - it all gets eaten by the garbage truck. I got to watch as my neighbor's huge pile of mildewed debris was fed into the maw by the two regular workers, PLUS the driver, who actually got out of the truck and put on work gloves! (I've never seen the driver do anything but sit and look bored.) Within a minute, a van drove up and another guy got out, putting on gloves to help the other three. The best part was seeing a big, overstuffed sofa get mangled, then swallowed whole by the truck's compactor (see above) - truly amazing! They cleaned it all up in less than 5 minutes.

In other news, I've given up on Chrome for Blogger posts - now it's Firefox once again. At least I can add photos that way. Now to see if I can update my reading list. Good to be back!


  1. It's amazing how much they pick up! - Helen

  2. Here's what the Ency. of Chicago says:

    By 2000, the 9 counties of northeastern Illinois had only 14 landfills, most of them huge suburban facilities. While earlier dumps had consisted of quarries or marshes, filled to ground level and abandoned, many “landfills” were now small mountains of wastes, stretching hundreds of feet into the air, with pipes protruding to vent escaping methane. New features on the region's flat landscape, these landfills, when shut, are often converted to use as golf courses or parks. Locating new landfills in the region became increasingly difficult, and public officials and landfill operators began sending refuse downstate. --Maj. Reader


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