Friday, July 22, 2011

and now for something completely different......

Came across this link to Savage Beauty, a surreal fashion/art exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here's the description:

This website from the Metropolitan Museum accompanies their retrospective exhibition of the work of couturier Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide at age 40 in 2010. McQueen was known for his lavishly staged runway shows, for example his spring 2003 collection, Irere, featured a recreation of a shipwreck complete with pirates and amazons, and models falling overboard.It's only a game in 2005, was a human chess game, with models dressed as chess pieces, such a knight in a horsehairs skirt. On the exhibition‚s website, visitors can view selected objects including McQueen's extremely low-slung trousers, "bumsters" or the Spine Corset, a silver exoskeleton, worn over a dress. Narration is provided by Andrew Bolton, the British curator of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute, Michelle Olly, who wore one of the dresses, and McQueen himself. There is also a section of online videos available here, where visitors can watch a model in a chiffon dress drop into the ocean, and see the chess pieces move.

Click on the Video link to see a selection of short video clips of McQueen's shows. I really like the one called, "It's Only a Game," as described above. Wonder how this guy ever made any money? It's not like anyone can really wear these things. Can't think that he only sold to collectors and museums.

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  1. I actually made it to the Savage Beauty show at the museum and was blown away. Yes, McQueen did make wearable clothes (sold in stores and not featured in the exhibit), but the exhibit's featured pieces highlighted that McQueen was a true artist, it just so happened that his medium wasn't paint, photography or sculpture, but garments. Thanks for the post!


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