Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sidewalks Forever!

Do you believe in sidewalks? 99% of my neighborhood has them, but after reading this news from another suburb in the area, I'm wondering whether kids in the future will have to do without them.

Sidewalks are part of so many of my childhood memories. Playing jacks required knowing who had the smoothest concrete that wouldn't tear up the side of your hand when you swooped up the jacks. Hopscotch was best out at the edge of town where trees were still sticks and sidewalks weren't buckled by big tree roots. Little kids had to ride their tricycles only on the sidewalk. Sidewalks were the boundaries for toddlers whose bored big sisters had to make sure they didn't get too near the street. Sidewalks were where you got down on your hands and knees to watch ant wars.

Town kids need sidewalks!

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  1. Part of my growing up was finding out there are vast areas in this country that do NOT have sidewalks--the suburbs! Little kids there play in their driveways or get marched around the sidewalks by their inner city day care place. The guardians link the kids together with some kind of harness or each guardian holds hands with two kids. They seem thrilled to go back inside. In my town, the kids SING as they walk. So wonderful.


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