Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st Memorial Birthday

My mother-in-law would have celebrated her 111th birthday last Thursday and she remains prominent in our family consciousness. Today we'll have a dinner to remember her, using her good dishes and silver, with turkey (she roasted dozens in her lifetime) and pie (her favorite dessert).

She often told me that back around 1910-1915, when she helped her mother and the other North Dakota homesteading women to serve 2 immense meals each day for the men harvesting the crops on all the farms in the area, pies were the favored end to each feast. There, they used apples, rhubarb, and chokecherries. Still love rhubarb pie myself, but today it will be cherry and pecan. Here's to you, Mom!


  1. I haven't had a chokecherry in so long! I remember getting in trouble for staining my clothes with them when I was little. It wasn't hard to get past the super sour hit when popping them in your mouth. I bet they're loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins. We had loads of chokecherry bushes (trees?) in our yard. I remember that the neighbors had delicious plums too.

  2. Yeah, she told us that noone ever bothered to remove the pits from the chokecherries for pie, so everyone who ate a piece had to spit out the pits every bite or so!
    Maj. Reader

  3. chokecherries have pits?? well, i never ate one, so what do i know?

    the famous clothes staining incident happened when my two oldest had just gotten new summer clothes. all dressed up in their new duds, they took grandma's colander out in the front yard, and juiced all the low-hanging chokecherries they could pick. they were purple from head to foot when i found them at it. :0}


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