Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anne Lamott was right

I must say that I don't look to evangelicals for spiritual wisdom, but I'm changing my mind after I just finished reading one of Philip Yancey's books, Reaching for the Invisible God. I think the biggest sin most evangelicals commit is having supreme confidence that they know everything about how God works in this world. At last I've found one that asks the same questions I do about how to live in a world where your faith in God is very hard to keep. This is a man who has been deeply hurt by "religion," but has kept his faith in God, which is an entirely different thing.

I was going to keep the book and read it again, but I'm going to look for more of what he has to say, hoping against hope that I won't be disappointed.


  1. This looks like a good read, and since I'm an Anne Lamott fan, I'm especially intriuged. Thanks!

  2. How does Anne Lamott tie in with this guy? I tried to read an excerpt from NATURAL GOODNESS by Phillippa Foot this ayem, and I fear the whole meshugaas is beyond me.

  3. Anne Lamott writes endorsements on the back cover of Yancey's books. And now, how does Natural Goodness by Phillippa Foot tie in? Who's on first ;-) Maj. Reader

  4. foot's book also is about what someone might call spiritual wisdom.


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