Friday, November 26, 2010

I discover Skype

Last week, after searching high and low, we found our computer's microphone hidden away in the back of a drawer somewhere in the basement - last used by the Crown Prince playing World of Warcraft, I'm guessing. It was the last piece of equipment I needed to start using my new Skype account, so I was thrilled to try it out with my niece in Hawaii. Since I'm 4 hours ahead, we had to set up an appointment via e-mail. It worked beautifully!

After I'm more comfortable with this, I'll get a webcam and go for video calls - woohoo! Am I the last person to find out how great this is?


  1. call me! call me!! I've had skype for a few years but never figured it out. then yesterday, a blogger friend sent me an IM and walked me through my first skype call!! you go, girl!! skype to skype calls are FREE!!!!!

  2. p.s. don't you have a laptop? most laptops have built-in webcams (the little black thingy at the top of the frame. get one! for pity's sake...


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