Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Treasures

Last weekend we drove through Wisconsin to Minnesota to visit relatives. Even though we had stopped near Janesville only last year to buy a year's supply of honey, we were already down to one gallon. Orlovsky Apiaries, a mom-and-pop business of sorts, said they could let us have (buy!) three gallons. Here they are all nicely packed in a cardboard carton in the trunk.

Next, we went to Osseo near Eau Claire to the famed Norske Nook for two grandiose pies to add to the roster of desserts at a family barbecue.

Everyone (but me) loves their banana cream pie, but since this was summer, it had to be regular fruit pies: blueberry and peach praline. Their pies are THE BEST, next to homemade (mine). We've almost got the requisite 7 pie tins to get us a free pie on another trip!

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