Monday, June 7, 2010

Victory after Almost 4 Years!

Middle Daughter came over for dinner last night. She wanted to play Scrabble afterward with me and her dad, but I was set to watch Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, so I was going to skip the game. When I realized the DVD was only 87 minutes long, I announced that I would play until 8:30 when the highest scorer would be the winner. I always lose anyway, so I figured that a 45-minute game would keep things moving along.

As it turned out, I blocked 2 triple word scores and got 3 more for myself and won the game before the deadline! The picture at the right is the inside of our deluxe Scrabble game box where we inscribe for posterity the dates of each game, the winner, and any Bingoes. The sad fact is that I haven't won a game since September 4, 2006! In our family, I still claim the largest vocabulary and I'm the best speller, but I'm not good at anagrams and I'm losing ground at strategy. Thus the mighty fall.


  1. wooHOO! The picture is such a neat snapshot of your family life!

  2. Oh congratulations!!

    I like Scrabble too and hate anagrams and just can't do them.

  3. Yeah, Scrabble is one of those things in families that you either love or hate. Only one of our 4 offspring is a hater, and the two who are married picked haters, as well.
    Maj. Reader

  4. i'm a scrabble hater, but don't ask me why. maybe cuz it's too e a s y???? (larf larf snarf snert)


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