Monday, August 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Interesting New Websites lists all the sites for watching FREE online TV! This includes PBS and lots of other commercial stuff. Haven't tried it yet, but it *sounds* good. Librarians love good organizers like this. Somebody let me know what you think! is pretty useful - and fun! Take the characteristics of someone you know and love, then create a poster/birthday card/?? using all the words arranged in a word cloud with artsy colors, etc. You have to go to the Website to see what I mean. Again, I didn't try it myself yet, but I saw one that my cubicle partner did - really nice!


  1. I made a Wordle poster with the paragraph about it from your blog.

    Love, H

  2. interesting, as always, major reader! thanks. what caught my eye most about the free news site ( was the AD at the top of the opening page: "google pays me $127 an hour!" when i see these things, i go into autodrool, but i can never get any information! my laptop just hangs there--it says it's "loading," but it's not. dang! supplies a little workaround thing for those of us with MAC OSX (often won't print the "creations"). hmmm....

    anyway, these are fun to investigate and possibly to use. spreety may be like hulu or fancast, no?

    great searching! thanks

  3. You can only save it to a gallery on the wordle site, which has so many others and I didn't know how I could link you to mine. But I had the same thought.



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