Sunday, July 20, 2008

Popcorn - after 10 months!

This is the lone ear of popcorn that I got from an organic farm coop late in the summer of 2007. Somehow I let it sit around on a kitchen windowsill all year until last week. I ate the end result on Friday night. It was still good! Here's what I did.

Shucking the ear was the easy part. The corn kernels were dry as a bone and really tough to get off.

First I tried using a dinner knife to scrape the kernels off, but it was very hard. The kernels flew all over the kitchen and I banged my knuckles on the sides of the bowl with disappointing regularity. Pioneers must have had some sort of special scraper for this!

Next I tried using a dishtowel to keep them (well, most of them) in the bowl.

I'm missing the picture of sifting the kernels to remove all the wispy chaff particles. Finally, the popcorn measured just about 1/2 cup. Perfect for one serving.

A little oil for the microwave popper.

In goes the popcorn....

and into the microwave for about 5 minutes.

Ta-da! Excellent popcorn for my movie night!
(but I don't plan to do it the hard way again)


  1. Ooooo what a perfect evening!! Popcorn and James Dean. I would have been your date fer sure. My favorite way to eat popcorn is to sprinkle it with parmesan cheese. Yummmmm....


  2. I'm impressed by how clean your microwave is. You obviously don't have teenagers nuking pizza in there anymore.

    Sally got me hooked on the parmesan cheese version of popcorn years ago, (blast her hide)!

  3. oh, sympathy! too bad you dint have two cobs because the best way to get the kernels off is to rub the cobs together. i hung a bunch of cobs on our back porch in bismarck one time to dry in the wind. the back porch was COVERED with popcorn when the cobs started banging together. (i swept it up, blew off the leaves and dirt) and popped it.)

    i pop mine in olive oil (too fabulous for words) and top it with butter and salt. the secret to popping all the kernels (and to the great taste from popping it in olive oil) is to stir the popcorn around in the pan as you heat the oil gradually. the kernels should all change color before they start to pop. when one or two kernels pop, turn up the heat a bit and put on the lid. keep shaking it while it pops. when it's all done, add the melted butter and salt. divine!!!

    i often eat this for supper along with a nice glass of atkins sangria.

  4. Yes, and a daughter told me that she just wedges a knife sideways between two rows of kernels and pries them off easily that way. (I was trying to hit them off going down the rows.) Popcorn and a glass of wine - sounds great to me!


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