Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Call for Deep Reading

One of my favorite librarians, online as well as in person, is Karen Schneider, author of the Free Range Librarian blog. Last month she posted an excellent essay on the value of concentrated reading for kids - and everyone. (Skip the first paragraph next to the photo.)

This is a great response to the current discussion on library blogs about the recent Atlantic Monthly article - Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr. See what you think.

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  1. Truly a great essay on the importance of reading. Interesting perspective that reading is subversive learning - a departure from chaperoned learning. I agree it can be a highly effective form of learning, too, going in-depth on a given subject. And it's a medium in which you may take in the words/story/message more powerfully and personally.

    Several HUNDRED pages a week! I know you and one other person who reads that much. However remember those Keeping Days books? I loved those stories. The teens devoted the volume of time to reading that is now spent on gaming and texting. Books a main topic of their conversation. (?!) Although that was a fictional series at the turn of the century, I have always wondered if teens and/or adults really did read that much back then.

    Having a good book in line at the Post Office or doctor's office is a huge frustration-saver.

    Thinking critically - so important!!! That and "chart your own course" really rang true for me. Life is fast-paced and it is hard to find the time for critical thinking, meditating, journaling, evaluating your path in life. Good, good advice, to help find the meaning in life. Great link.

    PS I liked the cute quote "if a book wants you." -H


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