Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Slackers on Film and Slacker Theory

Today at work I had to come up with a theme of materials related to the film we were showing. The film was (wince) Knocked Up, so I decided to see what else was available on slackers. Then I remembered how Extreme English said she really laughed at Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Apparently slackers have been a very rich source of comedy!

The Free Dictionary had a nice slacker film list to add to what I already found. So, if you're in the mood, try one of these:
Wayne's World
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Breakfast Club
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
School of Rock
Back to the Future
The Simpsons
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

I also like the Free Dictionary's description of slacker theory:
managing to survive by doing things at the last possible moment improves intellect as a compensatory way to cope, fashioning a wily yet lazy person. Similarly, a disorganized lifestyle may be superior to an organized one from the pragmatic perspective that a slacker will adapt to disorderliness by improving skills at memorization and at effortlessly rummaging, whereas actively organizing would require serious effort.

If that's the case, I was definitely a slacker all through school daze. Interesting how I've reformed and become a professional organizer of information - a librarian!


  1. The FIRST movie list I've seen where I've seen ALL the movies on the list! I liked each and every one as well. What does this say about me and my low tastes?

  2. Well, that's becuz those are all the ones from the list that *I* have seen (and liked)! See more from the Free Dictionary list. I also shouldn't forget The Namesake, in which Kal Penn reprises his slacker role, first begun in Harold and Kumar, etc. - but this time he caves and grows up (sigh).
    Maj. Reader

  3. Let me back up a bit if I may. Why would the library show Knocked Up? H

  4. It's a popular film!
    Maj. Reader

  5. How do you figure Gogol (Kal Penn) in "The Namesake" is a slacker and an extension of Penn's Kumar role in "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"?? Gogal is a young man in search of his identity, which spans two cultures.

  6. You're right, actually. I was thinking about how Gogol disappointed his parents - a cultural slacker?
    Maj. Reader

  7. disappointing one's parents hardly makes one a slacker. hmmm...guess i have to watch that movie again.


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