Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cookbooks for Entertainment

There always seems to be a new cookbook in the stack of books next to my bed - and it's usually the one I save for my nightly book dessert. Not that I'm a fabulous cook or even have the time/energy to try out more than an occasional recipe, but I just love to imagine the food. Thanks to all the food photographers who make these imaginings more colorful! Cookbooks these days are rather short on content but big on readability and photos.

I like the one I'm reading now - Nigella Express. Since I don't have cable tv, I've never seen Nigella Lawson's show on the Food Channel and didn't really know anything about her. But this cookbook is excellent - tart comments on the recipes for simple, but interesting food ideas. (The book says that Nigella has a sister, Hortensia. Doesn't this make you think that their parents may have been named John and Mary?) Apparently, Nigella is such an interesting person, that she has already deserved her own biography. I hope she didn't write it, but I may have to read that next.


  1. Nigella Lawson is indeed a great cook and fascinating person. As a former Food Network addict, I didn't get to see her show too often because of the time it was on (weekend days). There IS a biography out now, and SHE did not write it (??) check here:

  2. Have you read HEAT? it's a great book ABOUT cooking. forget the author's name (ha)....

  3. I LOVE Nigella Lawson's shows and cookbooks. Her recipes actually turn out beautifully. I must have gained 10 lbs as a faithful viewer a few years back.



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